"invest in your hair. its the one crown you never take off!"

Growth Twist

Luxe Silk Press

Bridal Services

Shampoo, Hair & Install

growth twists 


Shampoo, Treatment, Full Head Retwist

Growth Twist Retwist 


Shampoo, Treament, Perimeter Retwist

Growth Twist perimeter retwist


Signiture Silk Press includes KM Wash & Rinse, personalized treatment, blow out, and silk

Luxe Silk Press


Luxe Silk Press +Cut/Trim


Signiture Silk Press, a cut/trim and a rinse/toner.

Luxe Silk Press + Cut + Rinse


Extensions, wash, install, tightening. Price can vary.

Sunday Studio


Need Bridal Hair for the day of? In-studio.

Here Comes the bride


Bridal Party Member


Bride +Wedding Party of 4

Bride +4


Bridal +6


Signature e Luxe Silk Press + Cut/A Trim

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it all started with my camera.

about us

Creating an environment of trust when it comes to caring for your hair is my main goal. It allows  you to be at ease when you are being serviced. Learning your hairs' inner secrets to figure out how we can we can achieve your goals. Not to mention, I am one stop shop! We can grow your hair naturally, blowouts, silk presses, extensions, color....THE OPTIONS!! am well versed in ALL textures. So no one has to fear my chair. Your hair will get the respect it deserves! Come on in so I can love on you and your scalp!

Please arrive with your hair detangled and free from any pervious style. YES, I DO SHAMPOO. In fact, I don't like to start services without properly preparing the "canvas" AND you DERSERVE! The Luxe KM Wash & Rinse includes a Hydrotherapy Steam AND a hand massage. How can you turn THAT down!!! 

If I am honest, a Silk Press is fancy way to say flat iron BUT it speaks to the process. Silk Press to me means you want are and bounce to the hair. I like to begin with cleansing the hair and scalp then hydrating with Kevin Murphy Backbar and Hydrotherapy. The "Stretch"  the next step. Stretching the hair safely using a mixture of high-end heat protectants and silks . When we get to the "Silk" stage, we try to use the least amount of heat to achieve our agreed straightened state. Not only is your hair beautiful and bouncy, it FULLY hydrated!  

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